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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Photo gallery

From Maktab Khane to School

Baladiyeh from the Qajar to the Pahlavi

South Persian Rifles

Ayatollah Taleqani from Release to Departure

Taleqhani, from Birth to Death

1921 Coup and the Militarized Architecture

Police Headquarters under the Qajar Reign

Uprising of July 21st 1952

Constitutional Movement on pictures


Mohammad Hussein Aminnozarb

Tobacco sanctions

Occupation of Iran

Rastakhiz Party

Ayatollah Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri

Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari

The Conquest of Tehran

Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Aminossoltan

The Islamic Revolution of Iran

Land Reform

The Uprising of June 5th, 1963

August 19th, 1953 Coup

Reza Khan and 1921 Coup

The Senate

Field Martial Mohammad Khatami

Iran's Islamic Revolution (no comment)

Sattar Khan

Shams Pahlavi

2500 Anniversary of Iranian Empire

Ayatollah Seyyed AboulQassem Kashani

CENTO Treaty

Sit-ins in Constitutionalism

Reza Shah's Wives

Colonel Pessian

Reza Shah in Exile

Betrothal of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Farah Diba

Lieutenant General Ahmad AmirAhmadi

Seyyed Hassan Taqizadeh

Reza Pahlavi from Birth to the Coup

Richard Nixon

Ahmad Shah from Early Youth to the Throne

Ashraf Pahlavi

Massud Mirza Zil-os-Sultan

Mohammad Shah


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