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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


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 From the collection no. 17 

* Collections Archive (persian)

  From the collection no. 17  

* Collections Archive (persian)

Baladiyeh from the Qajar to the Pahlavi

Baladiyeh from the Qajar to the Pahlavi
The Persian word (Baladiyeh) is the old name of municipality and in Dehkhoda Dictionary is used to mean" an establishment in any city which kept the city clean and handle food, water and fuel...

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The British and Feb. 22nd 1921 Coup

The British and Feb. 22nd 1921 Coup
As being one of the main events of Iran’s contemporary history, Feb. 22nd 1921 was carried out in Iran and was backed by the British due to some reasons including 1919 treaty not being concluded by the Majlis, preventing the expansion of Communist Russia in Iran, and safeguarding its interests in India.

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» Literature in Modernization Age

Literature as a part of the entire culture of a society reflects the political, social, economic & cultural status of the society; meanwhile it expresses desires, ideas in one hand and on the other hand shows...

» Tadj ol-Molouk: The Queen of Two Courts of Pahlavi

Contemporary history of Iran is full of actions and reactions that are rooted in centuries and Iranian women form a stronger and more tangible role in this arena. In Pahlavi’s period- especially after Shahrivar...

» Three stages of land reform 1330 – 1350

In 1959, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi under pressure of the U.S. government and domestic crises was convinced that to reform economic and social issues. Accordingly, he asked the former Prime Minister Manuchehr...

» The History of Unveiling Procedure

Throughout the historic age, Iran plateau had a natural structure and the country was a bridge between the East and the West; therefore, the various nations and diverse people invaded to this land. Every...

» Qavam-us-Saltaneh Under Pahlavis

Ahmad Qavam entitled Qavam-us-Saltaneh (1874-1955), son of Mirza Ibrahim Motamed-us-Saltaneh, and brother of Vossouq-ud-dowleh is one of the leading politicians of Iran's contemporary history. He was educated...

» General Nemat Allah Nassiri

Nemat Allah Nassiri, who was the son of Mohammad Nassiri (Amid Al- Mamalek), was born in 1910 in Semnan. He finished his educations in Military High school and then entered to Military College. After his graduating...

» Amir Asadollah Alam

Amir Asadollah Alam who was son of Mohammad Ibrahim Khan Alam (Shokat al- Molk), the governor of Qa'enat, was born in 1919 in Birjand. He educated in Birjand and Tehran and graduated from Karaj's Agriculture...

» Gholam Abbas Aram

Gholam Abbas Aram was born in 1282 in Yazd. His Father, Alireza Chayforosh was a Baha'i missionary who arrested and killed in Tabriz in conflict between Muslims and Baha'is. He finished his primary education...

» Quarterly Journal of IICHS, Vol. 15, NO. 60,Winter 2012

On the crest of speech (1): a discussion on the features and services of famous preacher, Hojatoleslam valmoslemin Haj Mohammad Taqi Falsafi / In the last year of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar’s reign / Report on Mission to Russia ...

» Quarterly Journal of IICHS, Vol. 15, No. 59 , Fall 2011

Modernization in Reza Shah's period, Reality or Illusion / The Intellectual Grounds of Shiite Clerics during Iran o Russian Wars / Daily life and Life Styles in Iran; Since Qajars...

» A Study on the Missionary Activities of Churches in Qajar Period

The Missionary society of church is the first Protestant missionary group that was established in England in late 18th century to promote the Protestantism in the world and today it is one of the most important...

» Observer Reveille!

Judgment about the ideas and attitudes of Sheikh Fazlolah Nouri is not that easy. Full acquaintance with the ideas and actions of this controversial figure of the contemporary history and non-distortion...

» Dissertation of Dialogue between the Resident and the Traveler (a dissertation on government and Islamic Thought)

The Resident and the Traveler’s dissertation is a work of Ayatollah Hajj Agha Nourollah Najafi Isfahani entitled Seqatoleslam. The dissertation is written in 1909. It is in 150 pages with a...

» Talking to Rahim Zehtab Fard

One day, I was in my office. A person, who I forget his name now, called and told me: "Messer Haj Muhammad Namazi has a letter for you. If you allow me, I'll bring it for you." I said: "Occasionally, I'm near you, so I'm coming to get it".

» Talking to Doctor Hussein Khatibi, the Vice President of National Consultative Assembly; the Second Pahlavi from Confusion to Dictatorship

I remembered that on August 28, 1947, Doctor Moazzemi offered me to participate at a meeting of the former Red Sun and Lion Population. It was about that the population advocates made decision to announce...

» Talking to Ali Akbar Kosari

One of the former experienced teachers talked to us. He expressed his memories about the history and the education minister's changes as well as the past cultural politics and the effective men's performance...

 Foreign Policy Studies 
» Conference on the Regional and International Impact of Iran’s Islamic Revolution

Iran Islamic Revolution is considered as one of the world’s three most important revolutions which broke the identified formulations - economic, political and security - of the super powers in the world and the region...

» Conference on the Islamic Resistance Renaissance in the Middle East (a look to Hezbollah’s epic endeavors)

With 10452 square kilometers and a population of 5 million people, Lebanon is located in the west of the Asia. The country has one of the most complicated forms of Political systems in the world. Royalty to religion and the ethnic...

» National Conference on the Political Events of Kurdish Areas

Embracing a various tribes and groups, Iranian society is the inheritor of a distinguished history and civilization and particular cultural features in an expansive geographical sphere within a long period of centuries. Through...

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