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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


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» Talking to Rahim Zehtab Fard

One day, I was in my office. A person, who I forget his name now, called and told me: "Messer Haj Muhammad Namazi has a letter for you. If you allow me, I'll bring it for you." I said: "Occasionally, I'm near you, so I'm coming to get it".

» Talking to Doctor Hussein Khatibi, the Vice President of National Consultative Assembly; the Second Pahlavi from Confusion to Dictatorship

I remembered that on August 28, 1947, Doctor Moazzemi offered me to participate at a meeting of the former Red Sun and Lion Population. It was about that the population advocates made decision to announce...

» Talking to Ali Akbar Kosari

One of the former experienced teachers talked to us. He expressed his memories about the history and the education minister's changes as well as the past cultural politics and the effective men's performance...

» Interview with Doctor Enaytallh Reza: Soviet Union Alignment with Great Britain in Opposition to National Movement of Iran

I believe that oil issue was a political matter from the beginning. The long-standing rivalry between Russia and Britain in Iran made people to consider oil as a political issue. Subsequent flows exacerbated...

» Interview with Hossein Makki; 1920 Coup, Dr, Mosadegh’s government, Oil and History

according to the British Government as the Russian influence in Iran increased on the basis of Torkamanchai contract and it is seen that the court of Mohammad Ali shah was almost closer to the Russians, England...

» Interview with Ali Dehghan, the Former Governor – General of Azarbaijan

Ali Dehghan is one of the old academicians and graduates of high teacher’s college who has spent about 60 years of his life in cultural affairs and schools. In this conversation, while describing the cultural situation...

» An Interview with Ahmad Nafisi, the former mayor of Tehran

Ahmad Nafisi, born in 1919, was one of the former directors of the plan organization and the mayor of Tehran during the premiership of Ali Amini and Asad --lah Alam and one of the major directors of that...


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