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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Colonel Pessian

Mehdi Jangravi


Son of Yavar Mohammad Khan Pessian (Enayat-os-Sultan), Colonel Mohammad Taqi Pessian was born in Tabriz, 1892. He passed his elementary education in Tabriz, and then entered the military school of Tehran. In his twenties he became second lieutenant. He was promoted gradually to become a captain. He followed his military education in Gendarmerie officers' school. Having not completed his course, he was commissioned to Brujerd to deal with the Lors case. He was injured in a fight and was promoted to a major for his participation in this battle. He became commander in chief of Hamedan battalion. During world War one and invasion of Iran by other powers, his bravery in Mosalla battle became known to all. He went to Germany to attend a course of aviation. He returned to Iran and was sent to Khorassan as the head of Gendarmerie. Following Seyyed Zia's coup and the formation of the new government, he was on mission to arrest Ahmad Qavam. He confiscated his properties and sent him to Tehran under guard himself became the acting governor of Khorassan.


Subsequent to the fall of Seyyed Zia, Qavam-os-Saltaneh was released and received his order of premiership issued by Ahmad Shah. Colonel was removed from his office and was replaced by Najd-os-Saltaneh. The dispute between Qavam and Pessian led the former to send orders to the heads of Khorassan tribes to suppress the colonel. Eventually, colonel lost his life in a fight against Quchan Kords in J'afarabad near to Quchan. The Kords cut his head off his body.


His funeral was held with the appropriate ceremony and the presence of military authorities and local dignitaries in Meshed in 6th Oct. 1921. He was buried near to Nader Shah's tomb in Naderi Garden in Meshed.


Colonel Pessian was a brave man; at the time of death, he was only thirty years old. He was devoted to Persian literature and music. He has let some poens, translations and articles behind.

AA 1-435
Lieutenant Mohammad Taqi Pessian

AA 1-441
First lieutenant Mohammad Taqi Khan Pessian

AA 1-434
Lieutenant Mohammad Taqi Pessian and second lieutenant Isma'il Khan Bahador

AA 1-4665
Colonel Mohammad Taqi Khan Pessian, commander of Khorassan gendarmerie, 1921

AA 1-1784
Seyyed Zia'addin Tabatabai, the prime minister and the minister of interior in company with his colleagues in 1920 coup days: commander in chief, 1.Reza Khan; 2. Mass'ud Keyhan, 3. colonel Golrop (Swedish head of gendarmerie), 4. Seyyed Zia'addin Tabatabai, 5. Hossein Dadgar, 6. Hassan Moshar, 7. Ali Riazi, 8. Kazem Sayyah, 9. Zaman Behnam

AA 8-53
Seyyed Zia'addin Tabatabai

TT 124-201
Ahmad Qavam (Qavam-os-Saltaneh), governor general of Khorassan before Seyyed Zia'addin Tabatabai's premiership

AA 4-439
The prime minister, Seyyed Zia'addin Tabatabai, and his cabinet members in an official Salam to Ahmad Shah Qajar: 1. Hosseinqoli Mirza Nosrat-os-saltaneh, 2. Mahmud Jam, 3. Eissa Feiz, 4. Massud Keyhan, 5. Ahmad Shah Qajar, 6. Mostafa Adl, 7. Seyyed Zia'addin Tabatabi, 8. AliAsghar Moaddab Nafissi, 9. Kazem Sayyah, 10. Assad Mirza Shahab-od-dowleh

J 131-58
The Prime minister, Ahmad Qavam and some of cabinet members in an audience with Ahmad Shah Qajar: 1. Hassan Esfanyari, 2. Ahmad Qavam, 3. Mahdiqoli Majd-od-dowleh, 4. Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar (the crown prince), 5. Commander in chief, Reza Khan, 6. Ahmad Shah Qajar

AA 1-945
Sitting on the right: Mohammad Ebrahim Shokat-ol-Molk Alam, governor of Qaenat, Ebrahim Qavam-ol-Molk Shirazi, standing on the left:_Khorassan agent, Mehdi Mo'tasem-os-Saltaneh, Farrokh

AA 1-249
Mohammad Ebrahim Shokat-ol-Molk Alam, governor of Qa'enat and Sistan, in company with the British Consul in Zahedan, his wife and two children

AA 1-379
Mohammad Ebrahim Shokat-ol-Molk Alam , governor of Qa'enat and Sistan

AA 1-907
NajafQoli Khan Sasam-os-saltaneh Bakhtiari, governor of Khorassan appointed by Qavam-os-saltaneh (the prime minister)

AA 1-5077
Quchan's view in late days of Qajars

AA 8-441
Colonel Golrop (the Swedish head of Iran's gendarmerie): 1. Abdol-Reza Afkhami, 2. Colonel Golrop

AA 1-439
Colonel Mohammad Taqi Khan Pessian, commander of Khorassan gendarmerie

AA 1-2256

Pessian's family tree after their immigration from Cacasus

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