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The Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies


The Institute for Cultural Research and Studies was founded in 1986 in order to maintain, organize and catalogue a large number of valuable historical documents acquired during and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. In December 1996, it was replaced by the Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies (IICHS), a professional research center devoted to the study of contemporary Iranian history.

Its objective is to undertake various research projects regarding social, political, economic and cultural aspects of post-eighteenth-century Iran, using its enormous collection of primary sources.



The archives of the Institute hold public and private collections, memoirs of prominent individuals in various languages, historical slides and films and official decorations belonging to the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties as well as tens of thousands of photographs of Iranian and foreign dignitaries, events and buildings. This collection, which is being kept updated through new acquisitions from local and international sources, has been catalogued and computerized, ready to be used by researchers.



IICHS has a rich library which, in addition to many old memoirs, travel accounts, journals and reports in various languages, owns many old and valuable manuscripts and lithographs dating back to the fourteenth century.



The Institute has expanded its international academic ties, allowing exchange of views and documents between various scholars in this field. It holds lectures and conferences, commissions translation of significant scholarly works and publishes research books and a quarterly journal called “Iranian Contemporary History” (Tarikh-e-Moaser-e-Iran).


Furthermore, the Institute has a web site and an electronical journal named “Baharestan” on the internet which can be reached at the following addresses:


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