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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  The West intoxicated Extremism and Isolation of the Learned 
By the triumph of the constitution lists over Mohammad Ali shah followed by the aid of people and striving of the learned, it hoped that by settlement and implementation of the constitution our country run along religious democracy track and advance toward progress, development, freedom and independence, but at the early days of Tehran conquer, some extremists took another route, the route against the nation people and Shiite clergymen and hindered implementation of the constitution and settlement of freedom and security in the country.
Scholars and religious authorities in Najaf for implementation of the second axiom of the constitution compliment which due to it five high-ranking scholars ought to supervise on the Assembly approvals based upon Canon law, was a legal measures which was overlooked by secular or outlaw groups or even reacted violently. Seyed Abdolah Behbahani assassination and the plot to assassinate HajAgha Norollah were the measures taken by the Paris liberty lovers for the dependency of Iran and separation of religion and politics.
In the situation, Haj Agha Norollah who was in the assassination plot of the extremist terrorists, despite chosen as one of the high-ranking scholars, used his own discretion to immigrate to Najaf to visits the religious authorities there, particularly defunct Akhund Khorasani to aware him what’s going on Iran at that time.
Therefore, fearfully set out for Najaf and by awaking Najaf religious authorities provoked a bunch of harsh criticism on the west intoxicated extremist.
Haj Agha Norollah wired a cablegram to the national consultative Assembly at the threshold of his immigration.
Haj Agha Norollah’s the cablegram to the Assembly not accepting the Assembly suggestion from Isfahan to Tehran
The Parliamentarian ship Respectful
Baharestan felicitous cablegram, as well as showed good will towards me and chose me to supervise on the constitution, I offer my deep thanks, I’m afraid I received your cablegram on the way to pilgrim the holy shrines in Iraq and as my first task is of service to Islam nation, therefore I ought to inform the reverend clergymen of Iraq of the status of Iran and accomplishing the religious task at once got my priority right as well as the greatest service to the basic holy task.


I approach the service in three months and I beg your pardon if not to haste, whenever an urgent thing occurred and I have to be informed, I wait for your cablegram in Iraq.

Haj Agha Norollah visiting Najaf and unique welcoming by defunct Akhund Khorasani was informing Najaf religious authorities. But Ayatollah Sheykh Lotfollah Safi Golpayegani narrates his entering so, “as we got informed about Haj Agha Norollah visiting Najaf, Akhund Khorasani sent several people to hail him several kilometres afar, approaching Najaf, and received with open arms.

At that time Akhund complaind HajAgha Norollah Why great clergymen like you should not enter the Assembly as the high ranking clergyman? and the defunct explained them the constitution occurrence and deviated currents precisely.

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