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General Nemat Allah Nassiri


Assiyeh Ale Ahmad

Nemat Allah Nassiri, who was the son of Mohammad Nassiri (Amid Al- Mamalek), was born in 1910 in Semnan. He finished his educations in Military High school and then entered to Military College. After his graduating, he assumed various military jobs such as the commander of Kerman's second battalion, 18th regiment, Sirjan independent battalion commander, commander of the military college's infantry battalion, chief of center police and the commander of the infantry college. In 1950, he was appointed to the Pahlavi infantry regiment's command and then he assumed the Imperial Guards' Command by Colonel Grade. Nassiri was dissident with Mossadeq Government and then he joined to coup conductors. On August 15, 1953, he was agent to impart the manifesto that Doctor Mossadeq resigned the Prime Minister position and instead of him, General Zahedi was appointed to it. But he arrested and imprisoned till 18 August. After Coup d'état, he could promote to the Brigadier Grade. In 1960, Nassiri was appointed to the country's police headship by General Grade. On June 5, 1963, he became military governor of Tehran and Suburbs by Lieutenant General Grade. In 1964, he was appointed to the Deputy Prime Minister and the head of Information and Security Organization. He became the head of the Information and Security Organization (SAVAK) from 1964 to 1977. In 1971, Nassiri could obtain the General Grade.

Meeting of Fazlollah Zahedi (the Prime Minister) with main members of 1953 Iranian Coup d'état)

Parviz Khosravani, Asadollah Alam, Nemat Allah Nassiri



He went to Pakistan as ambassador with the beginning of the Islamic Revolution's movement but, In October of the same year, he was removed and backed to Iran and due to the peace creating, he arrested and imprisoned. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he arrested and was tried.