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National Conference on the Political Events of Kurdish Areas


Embracing a various tribes and groups, Iranian society is the inheritor of a distinguished history and civilization and particular cultural features in an expansive geographical sphere within a long period of centuries. Through inventing, disseminating, and deepening of myths, customs and rituals, Iranians formed a rich cultural zone in the region and introduced in to the world as Iranian civilization.


The expanse of this cultural zone, it’s neighboring with various cultural spheres, its long history and the variety of geographical features, and finally the line of immigrations and invasions to Iran are among the main factors that brought various languages, dialects and religions to this country or introduced changes to the existing features.


Despite some language and religious diversities, Iranians identify themselves with two important features, i.e. common historical and cultural grounds, and deep solidarity among each other. The tribes are themselves some part of the Iranian civilization and each of them has had shares in the invention and formation of it.

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